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GPT Scam and problem sites

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Lightning Pays Fast..Site Suspended
Crashn 4 Cash...Site Suspended
Cash Street...Site Suspended
Treasure City ...Site Suspended
Cash Ninja...Site Suspended
Mymoneystash...Site Suspended Suspended
USA GETS PAID...Site Suspended
Starlight Riches....The username provided was invalid? =Referral Thieves 
Pocketcashgpt... Site Suspended Site suspended
My Money Stash... Site Suspended
My Doggie Dollars...Site Suspended
My Cash Safari..Site Suspended
Freaky Funds...Site Suspended only lasted 1 year.. Suspended only lasted 1 year..
beachbums07..Site Suspended.... ... is now a how to start a gpt site... (CRAP) only lasted 1 year
myredcarpetcash..... domain closed @ 1 year
getpaidtodude...Site Suspended...... aka.(prizebook)...this guy closed his site 4 a week then reopened after erasing all accounts..referrals and ammounts owed...he had lost of complaints before he pirated everyones referrals and hard work..(Scam)
And Now SWAT CASH. Their site is gone but they are still using thier refferal banners to link to thier site where they redirect to another GPT site sign up page. Only Swat cash is Now the referal..Nice Dudes!

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